Monday, August 6, 2012

The matter of milk.

My husband and I both like our caffeine. I prefer to get mine in a nice cup of strong hot tea, he is a coffee lover. He adds a dab of milk, I add some stevia, a heavy dose of almond milk and a little dollop of milk to mine.

Recently my hubby started complaining about a fishy smell and aftertaste in his coffee. I thought he was having a strange attack, however, I didn't tell HIM that... I  dutifully smelled his coffee and didn't pick up anything over the strong odor of the coffee.

I had noticed that my tea had a bit of a strange metallic taste, but it wasn't fishy. Of course, I like fish, he doesn't. I also add a whole lot more 'stuff' to my tea than he does to his coffee so in fairness it could easily have camouflaged some of the fishy taste.

Even though they were different tastes we both had a problem. We "assumed" it was the water. We're on a well and it was logical to think that something new was bubbling up into our water --- even though we have a house filter and we were getting the water via the refrigerator filter. We discussed a new filter and then decided to try something different first: I bought some bottled water.

We made a pot of coffee and I made a cup of tea. No change to either.

Then it dawned on me --- I had grabbed a different type of milk the last time I went to the store because they were out of my usual brand. Nicely, it was on sale the last time I shopped so I had four cartons in the fridge. We opened our regular brand of milk, used it in our coffee and tea --- no aftertaste in either!

What we NORMALLY use is Hood Simply Smart Fat Free Milk. It tastes like 2% milk and has more protein and calcium than regular milk. We've been using it, and loving it, for years.

As said, the grocery store was out, so I picked up a carton of Smart Balance Fat Free Milk. Tastes like 2% milk and has more protein and calcium than regular milk. Smart Balance adds Omega 3's to theirs, partially from fish oil per the ingredient list. Ah ha, there's the fishy smell and taste my hyper-sensitive husband's taste buds has picked up! All I tasted amidst the rest of my many tea additives was a metallic type taste.

I'm happily drinking a cup of hot tea with Hood's Simply Smart Fat Free Milk as I type. No aftertaste. Just call me the milk detective! I like Smart Balance "butter" and some of their other products. I won't be buying their milk again though.

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