Sunday, January 8, 2012

My new dangerous treat...

I'm a hot tea lover. My fave is PG Tips black tea with almond milk (vanilla, unsweetened). I'm also a chocoholic. Anything chocolate and I'm lovin' it... except I dropped sugar of all kinds from my diet quite a while back making my chocolate treats a rare thing. Until now.

I make a half cup of hot tea with PG Tips in a large mug. Yes, horror, I nuke it. I take it out, add a walloping dose of unsweetened chocolate (Trader Joe's being my favorite), stir well to make sure it dissolves (as you know, that unsweetened powder chocolate can be troublesome when it comes to dissolving), then fill the cup up with milk of choice. I am not big on cow milk, but it the texture is what my palate likes so I compromise and do mostly almond milk with enough moo milk to get the right "feel".

I add a non-sugar sweetener. Stevia, Splenda, whatever... Sometimes I'll add a little bit of vanilla or cinnamon.

I'm completely and shamelessly addicted. If it's bad for me, I don't want to know.

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