Saturday, April 9, 2011

Disappointed in Fresh Market...

I made my second trek back to our new Fresh Market. There's a lot to like about the store (got a great deal on my PG Tips tea, two boxes for $7, 80 teabags total... I bought all they had). Love the feel, the people are great, have some things that you can't find locally. But (yep, this blog is about the 'but') --- they told me they would be getting in some gluten free breads 'cause they'd gotten soooo many requests.

Guess what? No gluten free breads. One gluten free dessert (creme brulee). I asked if they had plans and the bakery folks were clueless. Said yes, they'd been getting requests. One said they were surprised they didn't have any.

I left there and went to Kroger to pick up a few things our Fresh Market doesn't carry. Wow - they are now carrying Udi, had a whole kiosk of Udi products. Tons of gluten-free stuff in their health food area. I was surprised at the large offering of gluten-free things!

Now, on the flip side, Fresh Market has things labeled as gluten-free all through the store. I like that. They don't catch all the items, but they do bring attention to a large number.

I can't expect to find everything in one store given how weird I am in my eating habits. I was just surprised that I couldn't find more at Fresh Market. I was disappointed in how few items were sugar-free in the snack areas. It's a great store and maybe because it's not that large as compared to other grocery stores they had to be ultra discriminating when it came to stocking the shelves. However, gluten-free is a biggie these days. I'm constantly amazed at how many people are gluten-intolerant. Many, many autistic kids and adults are gluten-intolerant. We all know that autism is on the rise and a large chunk of the population is now dealing with it.

One funny thing while wandering around in Kroger --- they put their sugar free stuff right between women's pads and tampons, and baby powder / oils, etc. Aside from the baby foods way at the end of the aisle everything else on the aisle around it is non-food. I just thought it was a strange place to put sugar free stuff. Why not over near the health food area? Guess there are worse places, like right next to the candy!

I'm going to give Fresh Market one more shot. Then I'll be a rare shopper instead of a potential frequent shopper. The other stores that have been in that location have failed because they were like the other stores, but with less selection. Fresh Market, in my humble opinion, has to have a substantial draw if it's going to be more than the local neighborhood store. They put a lot of money into fixing up the location and they're going to need regular traffic to sustain the store. I hope it works. I want them to be here.

As a caveat, I know that maybe I'm NOT their target market like I thought I was...

(Peachtree City, GA location)

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  1. I too have been disappointed in some aspects of the store. Mainly I hoped they would offer nutritional breakdowns on fresh and prepared foods. I love the store but I need this to continue on a journey of better nutrition.


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